Avalon Marine

Are you seeking paradise?

Time on the water is special. Fresh air and green pastures slowly pass by on the boat of your dreams. Your paradise.

Peace and joy can be disturbed by the clattering of a plant diesel engine.

The world is changing towards quiet, low pollution electrification.

The challenges on inland waters are the lack of charging
infrastructure, high-performance power generation and storage.

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Avalon Marine is making cruising on canals and rivers greener and quieter by designing the complete vessel, hull shape, engine replacements and power capture/storage.

The team backgrounds include Naval Architecture, vessel construction, advanced manufacturing and electronics has created the Avalon Electric Hybrid Narrowboat.

Greener. Smarter. Better.

Standing out from the rest

The Avalon design is energy smart.

The hull requires less energy to achieve cruising speeds. All the power requirements are calculated. cruising, living, heating, generation and its managed by our system platform. No guesswork or rough maths, smart computing makes everything easier.

No need to guess about life on the boat, fill up/pump-out, how far you can go, how many hours allowed to watch TV or enough to cook dinner. Look at the digital dashboard for status but automation makes decisions.

Simply enjoy the cruise without a care in the world.